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Jefferson City Muslim Community cordially invites you to its


Saturday November 14, 2015 from 10:00am to 4:00pm

5124 Moreau Ridge Road, Jefferson City, Missouri, 65109


10:00                 Welcome and Opening of the Event

10:15                 Ethics in Islam

10:45                 Islamic Sciences by Prof. Rihab Sawah      

12:00                 Midday Prayers (Duhr)

12:30                 Lunch and Discussions

01:30                 Challenges of Providing an Islamic Education in the US

02:00                 Mosque Tours

02:30                 Islam vs. Islamic State by Prof. Rihab Sawah  

03:45                 Afternoon Prayers (Asr)

We look forward to your visit

For more information about the Jefferson City Muslim Community Center, please call (573) 632-4201.

We look forward to seeing you,



Assalam Alaikum,

InshahAllah we will pray Eid at 9am sharp on Thursday, September 24 followed by community breakfast. All are requested to bring a breakfast dish to share.

The Eid potluck dinner would be on the following Saturday at 5pm sharp.
May Allah accept our ebadats, Ameen!

Noaman Kayani





Islamic Prayer TimesMay Allah (swt) make 2015 a year that renews our spiritual well-being and we hasten for more good deeds. 


Print off or save a copy of each month’s prayer timetable (namaz or salat) times in 2015 to your computer by visiting our Prayer Times in Jefferson City page.



Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Allah and the dedication of our teachers, we are able to start the Sunday Islamic school. Currently, the focus of the Islamic school is on three areas:


  1. Quran Studies which include memorization, Tajweed, and tafseer.
  2. Islamic Studies which include the Seerah, Islamic Beliefs & Manners and Islamic history
  3. Arabic Language Learning 


There is no fee for Sunday Islamic School and admissions are still open. You are highly encouraged to bring your kids to learn the Deen of Allah, Inshallah.



So it’s 1:06 in the afternoon, and you’re wondering if it’s time for Zuhr prayer.


For Jefferson City-area residents, assuage your wondering by visiting the mosque’s Prayer Time page. There you can see the daily prayer schedule as well as print off a prayer schedule for that month. We have prayer schedules up until December 2015.


So what are you waiting for? Visit today.



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green mosqueJCMC encourages recycling waste at the masjid. In addition, please conserve water while performing wudu and switch off lights when not in use.


According to Kristiane Backer, an eco-Muslimah and writer, nature is God’s creation and a sacred space so respecting it is akin to charity – it is a way of remembering God. There are hundreds of verses in the Qur’an that speak about the earth, nature, and its resources which tells us that the earth is a trust and that we are its stewards which is a role that we must fulfill responsibly. We appreciate everyone’s extra effort to be practioners of green Islam.
The Prophet Muhammad was sent as a mercy to all creation, including animals and plants. He had a very close relationship with nature. He taught us to observe the elements, to marvel and draw teachings from the nature around us. And he emphasized that we must be careful in using its resources, not to waste water even if standing next to a running stream and if the last hour comes and we have a sapling in our hand that we should plant it.

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